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Dena Yago + Carson Salter
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Blurred Vibrations Gallery

Works associated with Blurred Vibrations: On Billie Eilish & Affect. Text by Dena Yago. The full essay is available on auction as an NFT.


This essay was made possible by all of the $MOOD token holders. Editions created by Rachel Rossin. Research assistance by Lauren Burns Coady. Edited by a past collaborator. Thank you to readers Carson Salter, Toby Shorin, and @sub\_rrosa.

$MOOD: The World’s A Little Blurry

What started as a tweet thread about Billie Eilish, R.J. Cutler's recent Eilish documentary, and affect theory is now becoming a long-form, multimedia essay including commissioned illustrations that will exist within the NFT essay as NFT artworks. I’ll be using Mirror to crowdfund this essay, the funds from which will allow me time to research and write, hire an editor to assure the essay’s quality, and commission NFT illustrations.